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  On Site Spray Painting

For smaller and more precise projects we use compressed air spray machines with adjustable pressure. It allows us to spray wide range of objects, starting from smaller objects like wooden/metal parts up mid size areas

Bigger areas are sprayed with powerful airless compressors.

  Our spray painting services consist:

  • Spraying of shop fronts and retail units
  • Spraying of emulsion to walls and ceilings
  • Multi-coloured and textured finishes to walls and ceilings
  • Curtain walling re-spray
  • Repairs to damaged powder coated surfaces
  • Spraying of metalwork: architectural, posts, bariers, etc
  • Special paint application to commercial objects: cylinders, pipework, roofs, posts, balustrades etc
  • Spraying of lift entrances and lift enclosures
  • Spraying of cladding to industrial units and warehouses
  • Various finishes to MDF boards, furniture, etc.
  • Spraying and lacquering of wooden surfaces: floor, worktops
  • Bespoke finishes to awkward objects
  • Spraying of metal pan ceilings
  • Spray coatings to large industrial buildings/halls, shops, warehouses
  • Spray coatings to new block/brick/air works
Please get in touch for the most competitive prices in Oxford/Oxfordshire. We prefer to undertake jobs locally. However selected bigger projects can be considered nationwide.

Should you have any queries, please call us at 07983376531.